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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Works on Political and Financial Systems & Human Rights and Modern Science

Works on Islamic Political and Financial Systems:

v  The Constitution of Madina (a detailed exposition of the first ever written constitution in human history)
v  Khilafa and Democracy (a voluminous work on the subject of Islamic Political System U.P.)
v  Islamic Economic System, its Origin and Development
v  Qawa‘id al-Iqtisad fi’l-Islam ([Arabic] Principles of Islamic Economics)
v  Qur’anic Philosophy of Change (2 volumes)
v  Islamic Economy and Interest-free Banking
v  Qur’anic Philosophy of Rise and Fall of the Nations
v  Islam — a Religion of Balance and Moderation
v  Nizam Mustafa: a Message and Struggle for Change
v  Objectives of the Raising of Prophets (blessings and peace be upon them) & many others……..

Works on Human Rights and Modern Sciences:

v  Human Rights in Islam
v  Islam on the Rights of Women
v  Islam on the Rights of Children
v  Islam on the Rights of Senior Citizens
v  Islam on the Rights of Non-Muslims
v  Islam on the Rights of the Disabled
v  Islam and Science
v  Qur’an on Creation and Evolution of Man
v  Qur’an on Creation and Expansion of the Universe
v  Islam on Prevention of Heart Diseases
v  Spiritualism and Magnetism
v  Issues of the Modern Age and their Solutions and many others…..

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